Havsprinsen-The Sea Prince at Malmö


The Little Mermaid Statue (Den lille Havfrue) is located on the edge of Copenhagen’s harbor. This statue, created by sculptor Edward Eriksen in 1913, was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale and has become one of Copenhagen’s most important landmarks.

When it comes to Copenhagen, it’s hard to miss the Little Mermaid Statue; it’s a must-visit spot and holds a unique charm with its petite size and solitary presence, guarding the bay’s entrance and immersing visitors in the world of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

My personal favorite way to enjoy it is grabbing some pastries and coffee from the Expresso House café near the station, then walking over to the Little Mermaid to sit and watch her amidst the overflowing crowd of tourists.

(Although Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen is still an attraction that some peoplw thinkg it’s a Must-Go and some people believe it’s overestimated, I personally really like the area as a place to having a short break with little lunch!)

The Copenhagen Little Mermaid Statue - Den lille Havfrue, literally translates to “Little Sea Lady” in English.

In 2023, a new statue of the Sea Prince appeared in Malmö, Sweden! Interestingly, it stands facing the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark. To distinguish it, the statue is adorned with the familiar Swedish national flag hanging in the background.

The Havsprinsen-Sea Prince

Looking towards the Little Mermaid, you’ll find an excellent spot to watch the sunset.

There is a description on the statue telling us his story:

  • Here is the Sea Prince!
    His gaze fixed upon the sound.
    Filled with anticipation.
    But who is he, really?
    What might his story be?

It’s intriguing that the Sea Prince probably never appeared in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. Instead, this statue was conceived by a local artist named Anders Skog and sponsored by a Malmö Investor community. With the imagination of the local artist and community, the long-lonely Little Mermaid finally found a matching counterpart to gaze upon.

Who knows, in the future, perhaps writers will begin to craft new stories for this Sea Prince.

From a map’s perspective, the Little Mermaid and the Sea Prince face each other across the sound. From here, you can also catch a distant view of the Øresund Bridge (Öresundsbron) connecting Copenhagen and Malmö, offering passage between Sweden and Denmark.

Local News mentioned about the Havsprinsen


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Swedish Seafood Snacks near the Sea Prince Statue - Smoked Seafood

Near the Sea Prince statue, there is a fish market and restaurant specializing in Swedish smoked fish and pickled seafood. It is a local place where residents buy fresh seafood, and for lunch, they serve simple dishes like fried herring and pickled shrimp sandwiches, making it a perfect spot to experience Southern Swedish seafood cuisine!

A friendly reminder: Swedish cuisine tends to be on the salty side, especially when it comes to pickled and smoked seafood. It might take some time for people getting used to it, so you may considter to start by trying the fried fish at first =)

Limhamns Fiskrökeri

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